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A Powerful Combination

CBD and CBN Edibles: A Powerful Combination


If you’re paying attention to the cannabis space at all, your head has been spinning at all the advancements that are continuously pouring out of it. A new cannabinoid or other cannabis product hits the shelves every single day. One such advancement to recently enter the scene is a cannabinoid by the name of Cannabinol (CBN.)

Many claim this compound has certain advantages over CBD but there are a lot of different elements to consider overall. The main benefits of CBN over CBD seem to be for sleep and pain but there are nuances to that as well. That is why we wanted to take some time to discuss this new cannabinoid, the potential it holds (especially when combined with CBD), and where you can find some for yourself!

What is CBN?

CBN occurs naturally when THC oxidizes (when oxygen affects it.) While in the past it’s been a byproduct, many producers are starting to sell products with high concentrations of this cannabinoid in it. Although there are many similarities between CBN and CBD, the two are different in their mechanisms of action and in the effects they produce.

CBD and CBN Differences

CBD and CBN effects are similar, but the main difference comes down to intoxication potential. That is to say that CBD will never be intoxicating no matter how much of it you take, but this is not the case for CBN. 

CBN is often thought of as a milder version of THC as it offers about 25% of the inebriating potential of THC. This allows for some potentially exciting use cases for CBN.

What is CBN used for?

CBN products, whether pure or mixed, like a CBD/CBN tincture, offer tremendous potential. As pointed out above, there is a mild intoxication factor with CBN that might make it better for things like insomnia.

Consider the intoxicating elements of pain medication or sleeping pills and the effect they have. That ability to relax the mind or slightly shift the consciousness of the user can go a long way in dealing with moving past insomnia.

Using CBD and CBN Together

While the two work on the same system within our body, they operate very differently. CBD, for example, has a wide spectrum of effects that can range from energizing to sleep-inducing and everything in between. This has made it hard for many to trust CBD products when trying to deal with a specific concern.

By mixing CBD with CBN, it’s possible to guide the effects of CBD towards the one you are looking most for. In addition to this, CBD plays well with other cannabinoids and enjoys a boost from other like-minded compounds. 

CBD and CBN Effects

The combination of the two cannabinoids can encourage a better overall result for the user and ensure that they are getting the desired effects.

How do CBD and CBN Work Together?

CBD and CBN products like CBD and CBN gummies, tinctures, and vapables all have a similar goal in mind. That is to create a custom regimen for your endocannabinoid system. As we learn increasingly about how CBD works and the many chemicals involved in the flower, we can shape, and mold cannabis use into the specific need of the user.

One way to do this is through the careful combination of cannabinoids and terpenes. When combined, these two works together to create a more powerful effect than either of them on their own. Take, for example, this rat study which found the combination more powerful to aid in pain than either element on its own.*

CBD and CBN for Sleep

Products like CBD and CBN gummies often have labels right on them extolling their virtues for sleep. Indeed, sleep is one of the biggest reasons people turn to cannabis in the first place. CBN has shown itself to be useful for sleep even unaccompanied. Combining it with CBD makes it a force to reckon with!

Finding the best CBD and CBN Products

Whether you’re looking for products with combinations like the best CBD-CBN for sleep or other specific needs, CBD for the People has got you covered! Our dedicated team of passionate professionals works hard to ensure that every product on our shelves is of the highest quality and passes the most rigorous reporting standards.

Like all CBD products, there is no regulation of CBN and, as such, there are a lot of fake products out there. Don’t settle for something simply because it claims to have CBN in it; always go with a reputable provider like CBD for the People that can prove their products are as good as necessary.

We are proud to offer a host of CBD and CBN products and more. Shop with us today and see for yourself the power this combination holds!

* Disclaimer: CBN (and CBD in its natural form, for that matter) has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not meant to be used as treatment for any medical condition. When in doubt, talk to your physician or pharmacist.