Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use the X3 cartridge with the EliteHEAT™ battery and preheat chamber:

Items needed:

  • X3 cartridge (full or half gram)
  • EliteHEAT™ battery
  • Preheat chamber (separated from battery)
  • You!

Step 1: Turn on the battery, if it's not on already. Click the button 5 times really fast (one-two-three-four-five, within 1 second).

Step 2: Ensure the battery is set to the correct voltage setting – we recommend starting with white and going up from there. To cycle voltages, triple-tap the button (one-two-three, within 1 second): White >>> Blue >>> Green >>> Red >>> reset (White)

Step 3: Screw the cartridge onto the battery threads. Make sure the airflow holes are open.

Step 4: Slide the preheat chamber over the cartridge and screw it onto the battery.

Step 5: If the wax is solid and doesn't flow, double-tap the button to start a preheat cycle, which lasts for 90 seconds. The color on the button will change as the voltage increases every 30 seconds to fully heat the cartridge. If the wax is particularly thick or cold, you may want to repeat this process for a second warming cycle to fully liquefy the X3.

Step 6: Once the cartridge is heated and ready, it's time to vape! Hold down the button while inhaling through the cartridge tip. If this is your first time using the X3, start with small puffs to ensure you don't take too much at once.

Step 7 (optional): Once you're done, turn off the battery by repeating step 1.

And that's it! Following these steps will ensure you get the most out of your X3 cartridge, EliteHEAT™ battery, and preheat chamber.